The company was founded in 1984, by managing director Karl Scheipl, and has been managed by him since the beginning. The company looks back on turbulent years in which, among other things, the internet and social media have been invented and an economic crisis has hit many companies hard.

In doing so, 3s invest has always focused on the three cornerstones of the company, strategy, solution and support in order to make the best possible and to be able to advise and accompany its customers in an optimal way. Competence and professionalism are equally important in the consultation as well as professional know-how and experience in the respective field and so optimized, structured, accompanies and advises the customers of 3s invest over the years and thus ensures continuous effectiveness and efficiency increase.

In the meantime, for three years producers in the business areas of refurbishment, technology consulting and merger & its acquisition companies are advised, controlled, handled, consulted during the purchase or sale, the foundation or reestablishment and accompanied in daily business.

The success speaks for itself and so over the years, 3s invest has developed both a customer and a project portfolio that speaks for itself. Long-term partnerships and sustainable solutions are the main focus of our advice. In this way, projects with the entry into the "Support phase" often only start, while they often stop there for other consulting companies again!



Companies with whom we arbeitenINiTS


INITS - Innovation into business

for you as a business incubator have set the goal to increase the likelihood of success of innovative start-ups. At the same time, Inits supports young entrepreneurs to put their ideas into a successful company. In its intensive incubation program, Inits provides start-ups hands-on support, access to the Inits network, and office space to accelerate their progress.

www. inits.



AtDie management consulting at WiFi Vienna supports you with a support for consulting services. In cooperation with 3s invest and the WiFi Wien we help you to select a suitable expert and offer individual and practical solutions for all questions.

www. wifiwien.

AWSG - Austria Wirtschaftsservice

atThe Austrian Business Angel Network (ABAN)-Angel Financing for smart businesses offers in Austria the established, independent and nationwide mediation service between entrepreneurs and business angels seeking equity. In cooperation with the AWSG we find investors, sponsors and business angel for your projects.

www. awsg.

ADA - Austrian Development Agency

AtDie Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is the agency of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). It is responsible for the implementation of bilateral programmes and projects in the partner countries and manages the budget earmarked for this purpose.

Together with the ADA, 3s invest aims to develop programmes and subsidies for cross-regional and non-Austrian projects in the course of the joint partnership.

www. Development.

Umgeher Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH

AtSeit more than 30 years and already in the second generation, the law firm is in tax consulting in Vienna in the 7th century. District and is operated by Mag. Veronika thought directed.

3s invest relies on professional activity as tax advisor and business trustee and the know-how and also more than 30 years of experience of the team around Mrs. Mag. Think.

www. atHe

Gerichtssachverständiger - Ing. Wolfgang Dornhecker

rr ing. For 20 years now, Wolfgang Dornhecker has been working as a court expert for commercially or industrially used properties, family homes, two family houses (building grounds) as well as residential property and is also working in this function repeatedly With and for the 3s invest which relies on the many years of experience and the high expertise of Mr. Dornhecker 100%.