The 3s principle is the cornerstone of our work, we specialise in the areas of rehabilitation, technology consulting and merger and acquisition.

In these areas, we support customers not only with our industry-specific expertise and our many years of experience, but above all through the cooperation with our partners in order to be able to offer targeted support in these areas.


In addition to the necessary emergency measures, we focus on maintaining the successful and positive capabilities of our customers and focusing on the portfolio, the customer base and the product policy in order to make our customers fit in a sustainable way.

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Technology Consulting is one of our hobbyhorses and 3s invest has already existed since the inventing of the Internet, has witnessed the dotcom crash and the rise and the establishment of social media, cloud computing and big data. We have been consulting companies for 30 years in Technologiebel Andes.

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Whether it is founding, Reestablishment, merging, splitting, buying or selling, we advise customers both technically, legally, organisationally and strategically on their projects and support them in the process of the company transition as efficiently as possible.

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"You only get to know the good helmsman in the storm."

The refurbishment, often touched with velvet gloves and the nightmare of many managing directors, forms one of the three core competencies of 3s invest. A subject often very personal, sensitive and with many emotions is addressed by us professionally, objectively and with a lot of empathy. Here, too, we have an alternative approach. While redevelopment often begins with the red pencil on the personnel position in the balance sheet, we try to first take a step back, to get an overview and to start on the positive side.

We understand remediation as two parts, the short-term, acute part in which immediate and effective action is required. At this stage, we advise and help our partners to avert the imminent calamity and to ensure or restore the company's ability to pay and function. In doing so, it is essential for us not to damage the substance, or as little as possible, in order to ensure that in the second step the company can be fully and sustainably rehabilitated.

In this second and fundamentally important step, if possible, we put the company back on solid legs and bring it back to a profitable course. We try to further strengthen our strengths and to work against weaknesses. Regardless of whether it is necessary to remediate the portfolio, organization, financial management or any other area of the company, the personal component is our focus.



"Technology is the effort to spare effort."


In our now 30 year olds, the Internet and social media have been invented, we have witnessed the dotcom crash and the Silicon Valley boom. We have come up with technical achievements and some of them also go back. We have witnessed the first sites and seen a market that many have thought to be completely insignificant to a daily Kommidtät.

Nevertheless, we are still in the heart and soul of the latest technological achievements, follow current developments and rely on a multitude of technologies.

For example, we have been advising customers in the selection of technology in the company for years producers, advising on investments, start-ups or mergers and acquisitions, assisting in the creation and validation of business plans and helping to finance the Product launch or expansion into new markets.

Here, we not only rely on our experience and technical know-how, but also on the multitude of partners and our expert network to ensure that the know-how is always available that is needed in the specific case.


"If you keep track of what needs to be changed, you lose everything."

Irrespective of the foundation, reestablishment, merger, separation, purchase or sale, we advise customers both technically, legally, organisationally and strategically in their projects. In doing so, we are stepping up to two essential points with such profound changes.

For both Unternehmsvergrößerungen and reductions, it is necessary to plan, set, coordinate and verify a multitude of administrative, organisational and operational measures to ensure that the company does not damage the Transition and to ensure that the company is as unaffected as possible through the transition.

Another important aspect of such a change is the management of change. Fundamental changes in the company often entail a significant change in the human structure, which can have serious consequences, among other things. We prevent these frictions and ensure that the transition to the company is as efficient and smooth as possible.